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Unveiling the History and Wearing Techniques of Men's Suit Bow Ties

Unveiling the History and Wearing Techniques of Men's Suit Bow Ties

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In the realm of refined men's suiting, the bow tie stands as an elegant and crucial accessory. This plog will take you on a journey to explore the historical development of men's suit bow ties and demonstrate the proper way to wear them, providing concise and clear instructions for a learning-oriented experience.

Part One: Historical Development of Bow Ties

Originating from Croatian soldiers in the 17th century, bow ties later found their way into the French aristocracy during the 18th century. By the early 19th century, bow ties became an essential accessory for formal occasions among men. As different eras unfolded, bow ties evolved into various classic styles, including the butterfly bow tie and semi-butterfly bow tie.

Part Two: Classification and Selection of Bow Ties

Bow ties can be classified into pre-tied and self-tied categories. Pre-tied bow ties are ready-to-wear and require only minor adjustments for a quick and convenient fit, while self-tied bow ties demand a self-tying technique, allowing for individual expression. Beginners can opt for pre-tied bow ties, and once proficient, they can venture into the world of self-tied bow ties, exploring different styles.

Part Three: Step-by-Step Tutorial on Tying a Bow Tie

Determining Tie Length: Drape the tie around the neck, ensuring that the longer end slightly extends beyond the shorter end.

Initiating the Tie: Lay the longer end horizontally over the shorter end.

Crossing Over: Bring the longer end underneath the shorter end.

Wrapping Around: Loop the longer end around the shorter end, forming a loop.

Passing Through: Insert the longer end through the loop, creating the primary bow tie shape.

Adjusting: Gently pull and adjust the bow tie to achieve a neat appearance.


Part Four: Bow Tie Coordination with Outfits

Bow tie colors and patterns should harmonize with the suit and shirt. For formal occasions, opt for solid colors or subtle patterns. For more casual settings, experiment with a variety of colors and patterns to showcase individuality and style.


The men's suit bow tie is a distinctive aspect of men's attire, carrying with it historical significance and refined craftsmanship. By understanding its history and mastering the proper tying techniques, you will radiate elegance and sophistication on every significant occasion. Embrace the art of tying a bow tie, and with each step, you'll walk the path of fashion with increased confidence. May your journey of learning bow ties be both enjoyable and enlightening!

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