"We will back to school soon!" is always the most terrible story for students and the people who still have to back to campus. Since we cannot avoid the monotonous study life, then what we can do is to make the monotonous study life more colorful. Therefore, Sweetearing has added a new collection, which called Back School Collection. In this collection,  You could find earrings, earrings studs set and necklace. Here you can find your own style jewelry.

The following picture is Sweetearing's recommended wear tips for the Back to School season. Simple style but pretty fashionable. The collocation of the warm color system can show the gentleness of girls incisively and vividly. In this picture, you can see the earrings recommended by Sweetearing. Also all these earrings are on sale on the official website of Sweetearing: According to the matching of the clothes, Sweetearing recommend Patricia Earrings, Monroe Earrings, Shell Earrings & Shooting Star Earrings. All these earrings are very suitable for this kind of clothing. Among them, Shooting Star Earrings is the most recommended, if you like long tassel style. Because the golden color is pretty luxury, and the design of the little star passing through in the middle is very fashionable. The ornament of zircon improves the overall effect of this pair of earrings Shining and elegant at the same time. Walking on campus like this will definitely attract the attention of many people.


If you have multiple ear holes in each of your ears, we also recommend the corresponding combination of earrings studs set. The following pictures shows The Star Series & Butterfly Studs Set, Flower Sea Studs Set, Dora Studs Set & Name Mini Studs.

Similarly, the earrings studs set are also on sale. Among them, the most popular is The Star Series & Butterfly Studs Set, which is the most popular and the most satisfactory reviews. You can wear different ear studs set on your both ears to show different personality.

Flower Sea Studs Set is also a good choice because the colors of this one are diverse and attractive.

If you love the combination of ear cuff and Earring studs, Dora Studs Set is very suitable for you. It consists of 4 earrings and 1 ear cuff, which is very beautiful no matter how it match with your cloths.

If you want to match each ear hole with different ear studs instead of a fixed ear studs set, Name Mini Studs is definitely what you are looking for. All the earrings are a pair, and 14 different choices are provided. No matter how they are combined, they will be amazing. Here are the pictures of our recommended matching scheme for your reference.

If you want to attract everyone's attention on the first day of the new term, we recommend you Shining Bar Stud Earring, Golden Slim Earring these two earrings. Believe us, you must be the most dazzling and fashionable.

The daily life after school must be busy. The tired study life will deprive your attention from the daily wear match. T-shirts and jeans are undoubtedly the most common daily clothes in daily school life. The only thing that you could improve the overall temperament of the individuals is jewelry. Earrings play a very important role. Therefore, we recommend this One Week Earring Studs Set. There are seven different ear studs in this combination set, corresponding to seven days of a week; it represents a different mood every day. Monday's helplessness is like cloudy days. The suffering from Tuesday to Thursday finally ushers in Friday. Relax and be happy. Hanging out on Saturday to enjoy the weekend. Enjoy the last few hours of the week on Sunday and prepare for a new start on Monday. The earrings in this combination only cost $20.08. It is also one of the most cost-effective choices in this collection. Sweetearing strongly recommended.


Anyway, learning is the ladder of human progress. While we build our internal cultivation, we should not forget our beauty of looks. Inject colorful pigments into the monotonous study and life, make it interesting, and make us infinitely close to the perfect self in our imagination. Finally, I wish you all perfect experience on back school season. After all, a good start is half success!

Written by Rich SWT

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